Welcome to Sassy & Lashy!

Hello friend! Welcome to the Sassy & Lashy blog! I felt that it was time to come out of my writing hiatus and have rebuilt this website from my book review blog. So, if you are confused, that is why! Anyway… Let’s get down and dirty! Let’s talk about what you can find here:

I want to build a space and platform where we can talk about hustling your side business, setting goals, crushing them, and building confidence! And this can pertain to any aspect of your life whether it be from business, to school, personal, or just because! I recently started a side hustle of my own but before I even got the confidence to say yes to this new opportunity, I have had to learn how to start over from scratch, find myself again, and have had the best mentors along the way that have taught me how to grow the strong and independent mindset that I have.

I am hoping that we can learn and grow together! Once I started my business, I started to gain more confidence in myself. I got the confidence to write again! I have always been a writer, but this time I knew and felt that I could write about the things important to me without feeling out of place {more on that later}. I have always wanted to have a space to share what I have learned through my professional experience and what I have had to learn on my own, because there has been a lot of self-discovery and healing over the last ten years.

In this space we will talk about things that weigh on my heart because I believe that we are all made for more, and I want to help others see their potential even if I can help brighten your day or give you a boost of motivation. You will also see tips on strategy, social media utilization, and marketing. I will probably also throw in a lifestyle post or two to share things that I love outside of working a side hustle!

I am so excited you are here! If you found me by a hashtag search, I applaud you! You’re already well on your way to working your network! I will end this first post here so as not to make this too lengthy. Much more will be revealed in the coming posts! If you would like to learn more about me, find the About Me tab!

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