Hello friends! My name is Amanda and Welcome to the Sassy & Lashy Blog! This blog has been created as a space to share what I love, what I have learned, and what I want to pass on to fellow entrepreneurs, working moms, SAH moms, Boss Babes, etc. trying to find all the motivation they can because they want to build confidence in themselves! I started a side hustle in March of 2019 and love it! Not only do I get to provide an extra income to my family sharing products that I love, but I also learned how to gain confidence in ME and found that I didn’t want to keep it to myself. I wanted to share it with everyone! So, not only will you find tips on how I run a side business, but you will also get snippets into lifestyle and beauty interests! I am sure this space will be edited as time goes on, but for now thank you so much for visiting!